Board & Committees

Current Board of Directors

Marion Long, President Email:[email protected]

Chris Hedrick, Vice President EMail:[email protected]

Caroline Oliver, Secretary Email:[email protected]

Seth Mizelle, Treasurer

Ray Darcey, Vice President Email:[email protected]

Committee Members

The board encourages all homeowners to get involved and volunteer for a position on a committee.

Architectural Review Committee

  • Marion Long, Chairman

  • Jeanne Masden

  • Austin Storck, Paul Wang

Landscape Committee

  • Seth Mizelle, Chairman

Newsletter Editors

  • Caroline Oliver

  • Jeanne Masden

Neighborhood Directory

  • Kimberly Cox, Association Manager

Property Mgr Update – New contact, Rachel Arso joins TPS Sept 2023

Kimberly Cox, Manager The Property Shoppe
Address :3149 Shore Drive, Suite B, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Phone :(757) 449-9486 Direct; (757) 496-1986 Office
Email : [email protected]

Rachel Arso, Association Mgr