The Reserve at Great Neck Homeowners Association
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Welcome to the official Reserve at Great Neck Homeowners Association website. Feel free to explore the features of this website available to the public. The Reserve at Great Neck is a 118 home community located in the heart of Great Neck in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA.

The Reserve at Great Neck prides itself with a strong community Neighborhood Watch program. There are block captains covering every street and cul-de-sac in the Reserve watching for any suspicious behavior.

Please remember there is NO DUMPING of any kind on Community Property. If you see anybody disposing of anything on community property, please notify the Board or Chuck Halman at Community First Management.  

Please remember to keep an eye out for unfamiliar motor vehicles in our community. Help keep The Reserve a wonderful place to live!

Street Light Outage? Go to to report a street light problem. They will ask for the number on the pole and the approximate street location.


A recreational vehicle/boat may be stored on a homeowner’s property up to 48 hours no more than 4 times in a calendar Year, after the Homeowner receives advance permission from the Community Manager.  To obtain permission, please contact Community First Management at or 

This regulation can be found in our HOA Declarations, Section 9.15 Outside Storage, and Section 9.17 Oversized, Commercial and Unlicensed Vehicles, as well as in the ARC Guidelines, Page 12. 

The streets are owned and maintained by the City of Virginia Beach and fall under the city code regulations.


Recently the City of Virginia Beach changed code and zoning ordinances related to properties which are rented for 30 days or less.  Please be aware that in The Reserve, properties may NOT be rented for a period less than six months.  This regulation can be found in our HOA Declaration of Protective Covenants, Section 9.20 'No Transient Leases'.
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